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Inspired by the book One Thousand Gifts , the Delight Facebook girls group is writing a collective list of 1000 gifts…the blessings, large and small, that serve as reminders of God’s incomprehensible love for us.

Be blessed and encouraged by the first 100 Gifts of our list. :)

1. This amazing family and sisterhood of Delight. (Erin K)

2. Friendships made through Delight! :) (Shara M.)

3. The blessing of friendships made through blogging!! (Annaliese L-K)

4. The power of prayer (Catherine M)

5. Facebook. . .without it, I would have missed so many precious friendships (Kristin W)

6. Kristin Wall – seriously she is amazing, wonderful, encouraging and a beautiful lady.

7. Electricity (Erin K)

8. Air Conditioning (Erin K)

9. Our House…even with all it’s quirks and ‘character’ (Erin K)

10. Gift of women being faithful through prayer in Delight. ( Megan B.)

11. The promise of Christ’s presence, always. (Jessica Lauren)

12. The sunshine (Kristin W)

13.  Worldview Academy (Kristin W)

14. The fact that God works, even through (especially through) the bad days. (Rachel H.)

15. All the amazing people I met and reconnected with in BC this past month. (Dana B)

16. Seeing family I haven’t seen in 3 years (Ashlynne J.)

17. The power of the written Word (both biblical and otherwise) to change our lives.

18. The beautiful gift of music. (Elizabeth R.)

19. Coffee ;)

20. God’s never ending forgivness

21. Mornings that begin with quiet time and a hot cup of tea. (Rachel H.)

22. The example given by loving and faithful parents. (Rachel H.)

23. God’s grace and forgiveness, sufficient for each and every day as I stumble and fail to live my life for His glory. (Rachel H.)

24. for cheesy chick flicks + nutella to brighten my day (Catherine M)

25. wonderful people who create amazing film scores (Catherine M)

26. little adorable babies- who make everyone happy (Catherine M)

27. Inspiration for creativity. The best! ^_^ (Rachel H.)

28. The privilege of education. (Rachel H.)

29. Golden light flooding into my uncle’s backyard last night as family sat on the porch enjoying each other’s company (Ashlynne J.)

30. My sweet baby niece Emma Rose ;) (Ashlynne J.)

31. Iced coffee!! (Ashlynne J.)

32. Spell check! haha I’m a terrible speller (Ashlynne J.)

33. My community/small group. (Lacey R)

34. My HUSBAND!!! (Lacey R)

35. Pursuit 31 & the love they have for Delight (Lacey R)

36. Magnum bars ;) (Ellie B.)

37. Sunshine (Ellie B.)

38. Friends who pray for you (Ellie B.)

39. Rainfall that cools the earth. (Olivia H.)

40. Foods that nourish and heal your body. (Olivia H.)

41. Sparkly dishes + bubbly soap. (Olivia H.)

42. Smiles :) (Rachel H.)

43. Community + Unity! (Emily G.)

44. Passion that comes from the Lord! (Emily G.)

45. Kettlecorn (Emily G.)

46. Energy & strength (Emily. G)

47. Flowers from my garden sitting on my windowsill (Kristin W.)

48. My washer & dryer (Kristin W.)

49. Cherry Trees (Kristin W.)

50. My new 35 mm lens (Kristin W.)–Can’t wait to try it out!!

51. movie nights with my church family (Grace C.)

52. deep conversations about God with sweet friends (Grace C.)

53. Polaroid film! hehe (Grace C.)

54. vacation planning (Grace C.)

55. froyo and fruit pops in the summer (Grace C.)

56. testimony sharing and hearts wide open, waiting to be broken by God’s love and mercy (Grace C.)

57. being able to live out in the country where i can listen to the wind through the trees (Beth R.)

58. having my first “cool” camera to document life with! (Beth R.)

59. the amazing people in my life that can make me laugh when i feel like crying. (Beth R.)

60. orange juice. (Beth R.)

61. sitting on a porch in the sunshine with a big glass of sweet tea and a good book. (Beth R.)

62. my crazy, messy, beautiful and amazing family. (Mary Kate A.)

63. peaceful, summerdays with no pressing to-do lists. (Mary Kate A.)

64. Amazing, Amazing teachers- who support and encourage you ! :) (Catherine M.)

65. Guys who are respectful to you and are a pleasure to work with (Catherine M.)

66. A mom who makes me a lovely camera bag while I’m holidays. (Dana B)

67. evening bike rides (Madison R.)

68. a sunset with colors reminiscent of passionfruit popsicles eaten during my childhood summers. (Madison R.)

69. reading the Little Women movie script ( the one with Winona Ryder as Jo) with my sisters at night trying to imitate all the voices. (Madison R.)

70. water. :) (Madison R.)

71. coconut macaroons made by my little brother (Madison R.)

72. A year full of promises from Jesus. Given, and fullfilled miraculously. (Sarah K.)

73. Hope. (Sarah K.)

74. Perfect weather and cool nights. (Rachel H.)75. A hard working, loving brother. (Rachel H.)

76. Humor and laughter and giggles. :) (Rachel H.)

77. Trust and vulnerability in love as you’re overwhelmed by a love that quiets your fears and doubts. (Rachel H.)

78. Smiles (Megan B.)

79. Mountains, because I love to explore God’s beautiful creation (Megan B.)

80. friends sharing what God is teaching them and therefore encouraging others greatly. (Madison R.)

81. being shown that chiverly is still alive. (Grace C.)

82. homemade ice vanilla cream. (Grace C.)

83. song writing. (Grace C.)

84. renting an old movie theatre and watching the Avengers with our youth group. (Grace C.)

85. reliving camp through a photo slideshow. (Grace C.)

86. restful naps (Madison R.)

87. The blessing of Hannah Farver’s book, Uncompromising, and growing in my relationship with Christ through what I’m learning. (Madison R.)

88. homemade, gluten free “cookie dough” balls covered in chocolate. :) (Madison R.)

89. A phone call from a friend (Madison R.)

90. A quiet breakfast with my husband sitting outside on my patio surrounded by God’s beauty. (Gabrielle V.)

91. Patience from others (Rachel H.)

92. Astounding love from others that points my heart continually back to God. (Rachel H.)

93. Texts from sweet friends with bible verses and asking how they can pray for me today. This group has blessed me with so many sweet girls who do this for me daily. (Rachel H.)

94. Getting to spend a few hours alone  with my Grandmother while driving today. (Mary Kate A.)

95. delicous homemade poptarts. (Mary Kate A.)

96. Uplifting and wonderful Christian artists (Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace, and Matthew West are some current favorites). (Mary Kate A.)

97. Hugs from little siblings (Allie R.)

98. Playing in the ocean (Allie R.)

99. Fresh peonies (Allie R.)

100. Miracles, large and small (Allie R.)

July 26, 2013

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