$150 off upcoming workshops!


Did you hear? Between now and 12:00 PM EST time, registration for the upcoming workshops will be $150 off!! From Noon EST & Midnight EST, it will be $100 off!!



If you are a photographer, you don’t want to miss out on “The Art of Photography”. This workshop is going to be for photographers of all skill levels. . . for hobbyists as well as established business owners. This workshop is designed to invest in you, as daughters of our Heavenly Father, photographers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs. It’s about encouraging you, strengthening you, and equipping you to go out and change the world through your God-given passion for photography. For more details, head over to the website!

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“Cultivating the Heart of a Wife” is specifically for enagaged and newly marrieds (3 years or less!). I have never been more excited about an event at the Delight House.This time together will be a time to focus on biblical principles of becoming a godly wife. With the theme of “cultivate,” we will be covering topics such as: budgeting, meal planning (with culinary classes in the afternoons), intimacy and sex, how to handle conflict, moving forward from the past, and we will have times of worship as well as we focus on turning to God and His Word to learn what a Biblical wife looks like. For more details, check out the website!

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These workshops will both be led by incredible leaders from across the nation. Both will include incredible food, fellowship & worship around the fireplace! If you have any questions at all, please email me at delightandbe@gmail.com!


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November 26, 2015

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