What about when you’re alone with your boyfriend or future boyfriend?
Countless friends have recently asked me this question, and I feel as though it is such a hard battle to face and discuss. I tried my best to be understanding and transparent, and every time I prayed about this for my sweet friends, a word kept coming to my mind: boundaries.

Be the Girl with Mel & Janell


Having to navigate through dating (that’s a whole other blog for another day!).
Feeling the pressure to look good enough to attract someone.
Third-wheeling. The single life is no easy thing. Here's a perspective to challenge you right where you are during this season.

If You're Single (and Tired of It)


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Delight & Be ™ is an online and international community of young women, committed to serving each other, growing our relationships with the Lord, and developing our gifts and talents. Our mission is to inspire, to equip and to provide a place of authentic community for young women in the creative arts, being rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.

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Color. Life is so vibrant and alive when there’s color, right!? The day my favorite season began…when those leaves started fading into glorious hues of burnt orange and bright lime green, I was soooo excited! Yet, apparently fall in the PNW means a few sunny days sprinkled into the constant forecast of rain. So even when it’s […]

Culinary Arts

Autumn Roasted Root Vegetables

“I feel like a failure.” I confessed it to him, let the word slip off my lips as I looked at the black night sky, twinkling with stars. I felt the cool air on my shoulders, hugged my arms and exhaled. “I feel like no matter what I do, I’m going to end up disappointing […]

Spiritual Growth

In case you weren’t aware, plaid is everywhere this fall! So I’ve pulled together some basic plaid looks to offer just a bit of inspiration. My favorite way to wear the season’s hottest pattern is to pair a basic tee, long necklace, skinny jeans (or bootcut, which are making a comeback!), ankle booties and my […]


The other day I was flipping through the New Testament, and I was noticing how many parables are in the scriptures.  There are around 46 parables.  I started to think about Jesus, and how he taught by telling these stories.  It was much more common for Him to teach using parables instead of speaking like a […]

Spiritual Growth

Hey ya’ll! We are super excited to be hosting a Matilda Jane Fundraiser for the next 48 hours! From now until midnight October 28th we will be accepting orders! Twenty percent of your total purchase will be donated to Delight. Join our facebook group by clicking on Matilda Jane Fundraiser above for chance to win awesome […]


“We will endeavor to love others at all times. We will seek Jesus and His kingdom and let our hearts be filled with more of Him everyday. We will LIVE in freedom and redemption as chosen and loved women. We will rejoice in hope, seek joy, and celebrate grace. We will wake with open hands […]

All About Delight

Friends, I am going to be very real with you. I have been the complete opposite of disciplined. All of those things I talked about a few weeks ago? I’m still in the exact same place. Struggling with the same stuff.  And that fact almost made me not write this. In this crazy and chaotic […]

Spiritual Growth

When you come to a Delight Workshop, you’re not only getting to hang out with some awesome fellow wedding photographers, learning from industry leaders who love Jesus, and exploring the landscape of beautiful Washington state… but you’re also putting to practice what you’re being taught through a styled shoot! Working hands-on with a bride and groom, […]

Retreats + Workshops

Wait on the Lord.  Something that appears over, and over, and over in the Bible.  Wait on Him. Is that the same thing as patience?  I say a little bit yes, but mostly no.  Patience doesn’t mean to wait.  The dictionary definition defines patiences this way: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering […]

Spiritual Growth

Last week I shared the exciting news of becoming a non-profit. But this week, I want to share a little more. A little more insight into why it felt like a burden was physically lifted off my shoulders when I finally saw the news that we were approved! The process of becoming a non-profit oftentimes […]

All About Delight

Ahh, breakfast. Who doesn’t love it, right!? It’s one of my favorite meals of the day, but here’s the catch…I don’t always eat breakfast at breakfast-time. ;) I’m one of those granola any-time-of-day or yogurt and fruit for dinner kind of girls. :) But, I married a man who LOVES breakfast and always like to […]

Culinary Arts

We have been so excited about our weekly challenges around Delight & Be!!  Leaves were our theme last week! And not only did we challenge our photography group, but our writing and graphic arts groups as well! Today we are showcasing a lovely poem & photography by some of our amazingly talented ladies! by: Shay […]

Writer's Corner

I remember the moment. It was my last day interning at Random House Publishing. Being surrounded by books, my dream world. I walked into the room with all the galley copies, with their fresh smelling pages. I was given empty bags and told, “Take whatever you’d like.” I filled those bags – filled them high […]

Spiritual Growth


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