What about when you’re alone with your boyfriend or future boyfriend?
Countless friends have recently asked me this question, and I feel as though it is such a hard battle to face and discuss. I tried my best to be understanding and transparent, and every time I prayed about this for my sweet friends, a word kept coming to my mind: boundaries.

Be the Girl with Mel & Janell


Having to navigate through dating (that’s a whole other blog for another day!).
Feeling the pressure to look good enough to attract someone.
Third-wheeling. The single life is no easy thing. Here's a perspective to challenge you right where you are during this season.

If You're Single (and Tired of It)


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Delight & Be ™ is an online and international community of young women, committed to serving each other, growing our relationships with the Lord, and developing our gifts and talents. Our mission is to inspire, to equip and to provide a place of authentic community for young women in the creative arts, being rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.

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Hi! I am Kristin . . . aka “Momma Wall!” So nice to meet you! I don’t like admitting it, but I am often attributed the role of “founder of Delight & Be.”  But the truth of the matter is that God is the founder. . . I just did my best to trust Him step […]

From Momma Wall's Heart

Meet Kristin Wall

  Hello, all! I’m Micaela Grace – a southern girl with a heart for Jesus and photography. (and lots of other things, but we’re just getting started.) A little bit about me! I am the face behind the “Young Creatives” section of the blog! Or should I say the face behind the faces, since this […]

Brand Spotlight

+++   My name is Kerri Lynne Hamm. I’ve written so many bios, but for this one, sweet girls, I want to talk to you about me like I would a friend. I’m imagining we’re sipping looseleaf tea and watching a sunset – two of my favorite things! So I’ll tell you a little bit […]

Delight Girls

    Hey friends! I’m Elizabeth, the girl behind the be featured section. My heart for my little slice of the Delight blog is to just reinforce what you’re reading every other day here! To inspire you, and enable you to be the BEST version of yourself! I’m so inspired by the passion of others […]

Delight Girls

Hey girls! In recent weeks we have been featuring several Delight girls who have shared about their personal style for this section of the blog. This week, I’m delighted to share a little more about myself! It is my hope that as this and other sections of the Delight blog grow, we can build a real community of […]

Fashion + Design

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than bringing women together who all have the same desire to serve their husbands well and to be a Godly wife in their home. When I had the dream for the Cultivating the Heart of a Wife Intensive, I had absolutely no idea just how perfectly every detail would fall into place. […]

Delight House

Oh my gosh you guys!!! I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since we all went back home to our husbands from Delight’s VERY first Cultivating the Heart of a Wife Intensive! It was full of all this marriage, from hospitality, budgeting, more marriage advice than we could go through, and even what it looks like to create […]

Culinary Arts

Dear You. I started a letter to myself because I knew it was what my heart needed. I spent the week before in the whitespace of Colorado, hiking in the snow. It was there, in the openness of God’s creation, that I saw my soul stripped bare. You know, those moments when your heart bubbles […]

Gospel Truths

Name: Bekah Wriedt Business Name: www.bekahwreidt.com I am a eighteen year old photographer who LOVES life, adventure, meeting new people, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. About this session: A session that started off as two girls experimenting with makeup and lighting rapidly turned into something so much more! Whenever I show my dad […]


1) Describe your personal style: are you more of a trendsetter, trend follower? I would describe my personal style as simple, but unique. Minimalistic clothing is almost soothing to me, but I love the individuality factor that comes with wearing something eye-catching that wouldn’t necessarily fit into any “trend”. I try to avoid that word […]

Fashion + Design

Oh my goodness! We have such incredibly exciting news!!! Because God has abundantly blessed us with women rising up to help with Delight, we are able to move forward in faith knowing more women will continue to fill needed roles. Delight believes in the power of community. When you are in community you don’t have […]


by: Samantha Hartzell Just in time for Valentines Day! These cookies can be whipped up in 30 minutes flat and are so pretty! I dipped mine in dark chocolate and decorated them with sprinkles, though you can decorate them to fit whatever theme or holiday you want. They are super versatile and easy to make […]

Culinary Arts

Hello, lovlies! Today we’re getting to know Delight girl Gabriela Salomon from Texas! I had that pleasure of meeting Gaby at the West Coast Delight retreat last year and she is such a sweet woman. I’m so excited to be featuring her talent and a little bit of her heart today!   Who are you?  […]

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