{Be Encouraged} From East to West – God is Good


by Kristina Hurd

As I sit and try to process not only one but TWO Delight retreats these are the words that keep playing through my mind…

God is good – He always has been and he always will be.

Ever since the Delight East retreat was being planned I have known that I would be spending part of my April in VA with 20-something amazing young women. I was so excited to meet them, spend time with them and watch them grow in the short time that we all had together. April came and I found myself driving down to Virginia and doing just that! I met and spent time with so many incredible young ladies and watched as they grew before my eyes into young women who loved their Lord more deeply and served one another selflessly. It was a tiring week and it had it’s up and downs (far more up’s than down’s) and as I drove away from the Delight East retreat I knew one thing – God is good.

One thing that I did NOT think I would be doing in April is flying across the USA to Washington to spend another six days with an entirely different group of 20-something amazing young women. But that is just what I had the honor of doing! At the end of the east coast retreat God put a burden on my heart to pray for the west coast retreat and to not only ask if I could be a part but to in fact call Kristin and tell her that I was coming. That story is a whole story in and of it’s self…just know that God wanted me at the second retreat. So the end of April found me on a plane taking off for WA! Let me just say that it was a great honor to be able to be at both retreats and see how God worked in the lives of young ladies from all across the country. Through stories of God’s faithfulness through good times and bad, God taught the young women of the west coast so many valuable stories about his faithfulness and care. What an honor to say that I got to witness God work in these girls lives give them a genuine joy. As I got on the plane to come home I knew one thing – God is good.

There are countless stories I could tell and memories that I will hold onto forever, but the only thing that really matters is that God is good and that He was glorified. When words fail to describe what happened and my heart hurts because I miss 40 uniquely wonderful girls, there is still one thing I know – God is good.


May 4, 2014

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