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Well hey there.  I’m Kate.  I’m a graphic designer/worship leader/artist/writer/other.  Basically, I am a professional dabbler.  I don’t believe I am made for just one thing, which makes life both interesting and difficult, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You know, I never quite know what to write on these things.  What do you want to know?  I’m never sure…haha!  Well, I am a weird mix of introvert and extrovert.  I need relationships to thrive, but I don’t enjoy big groups.  I love intimacy and authenticity.  This is why I love Delight…I get the opportunity to go deeper with people, to make genuine connections.  I get to be around lots of people who want to know what God is saying and who are longing for more of Him in their lives.


I live in Nebraska, the land of farming, football, and wide open prairies.  My heart loves it here because there’s something special about the plains…the way the wind weaves through the grass and looks like water, the way a storm can grow into something powerful and massive in minutes, the way the sun kisses the horizon in the most fantastic, stunning ways.  Also, football is MY FAVE.  I miss living in the PNW though and I always feel like I am coming home when I visit.

When we were 20, my husband and I ran off to Vegas and got married.  I don’t regret a thing!  I love being spontaneous and I love adventures.  Now I am a mama to a couple of adorable and hilarious kiddos, which is the most wonderful adventure yet!  And I have to mention my bff Milly Jane, my mini dachshund.  She is always at my side.

I started my own photography business in 2009.  It was something I loved doing, but it wasn’t something I was doing for the Lord.  He led me into graphic design in 2013, and I’ve been doing that ever since.  I am also working on a new project teaching people how to market and make the most of their blog and be authentic in their online voice.

I once loved drinking coffee every once in awhile.  Then I became a mother, and now I’m fairly certain I can’t survive without it.  I also LOVE sushi, beanies, and soaking up sunshine.


I’m constantly reminding myself that “perfect love casts out all fear” because I know that taking huge leaps of faith is the most rewarding thing in the world, if God is in it (Romans 8:31). Taking risks can lead to the greatest rewards.

My heart is to live fully, to experience God fully, and to love fully.  I crave the presence of God and I’m striving to know His love with all of me, and for that love to pour out of me.  I want God to delight in my passion for Him, and I want to know His heart for me and for those around me.  This is what I write about here on the blog, it’s what I am the most passionate about!  Jesus!!!

So thanks for reading, I hope we can connect some time!  If you have questions about me or about Delight, get in touch, I’m most often on instagram (@makeithomespun) and I’d love to chat!

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March 7, 2016

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