{Be Real} I’m Done with Resolutions.

Spiritual Growth

IMG_2661-10 The New Year has begun, and with it will come a flood of new opportunities, new choices, and second chances. As the ball begins to drop a thousand voices count down the seconds till 2014.

Some of you will graduate this year.
Some of you will reach your dreams, and some of you will make new dreams.
Some will fall in love…and some will say “I Do”.
And everyone will have a New Year’s Resolution.

But I am done with New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I wrote a personal post on why I believe that it is more important to dream, then to make halfhearted commitments in the heat of the moment.

“This year I will make a difference.”
“This year I will lose 10 pounds.”

Then February comes along and these resolutions are forgotten.

I am not saying that these resolutions are wrong, or even unhealthy.
I am asking you, “What will happen if we step out of these short turn goals, and look for long term dreams?”

Last year my list was short. I wanted to:

1. Make Christ’s light will be evident through me and through my business
2. Create art that comes straight from the heart
3. That I will try something new and fearlessly tackle every one of my 2013 projects
4. That I will grow stronger as an artist and a person

I did not reach every single one of these, and so this year’s experiences have made me alter this list a little bit.

1. Be fearless in my faith, and freely express my love for Christ in everything I do.
2. Continue to try new things, tackling every single project I face with my whole heart.
3. To continue to grow as an artist. I want to leave my pride behind, and approach the art world with a humble heart, and reckless abandon.
4.  Be confident in not just who I am, but the artist GOD made me to be.

Do I think there is something wrong with the typical approach to New Year’s Resolutions? Not at all (:
But instead of trying quick fixes, and dreams without a starting plan; I want to challenge you to face the future with your arms wide open.
Make it a heart dream, and not a head dream.

January 1, 2014

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