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My dream for 2016 is to send 20 girls fully sponsored to a Delight retreat, workshop or intensive! But more than that, I would love to see those who support these young women to not only invest in their lives financially by giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity, but also by coming alongside them to disciple them. My dream for 2017 is to have an actual organized program in place to have more intentional discipleship. Our team at Delight is seriously the best! We have such an incredible group of women who passionately love Jesus & the girls. We have been praying, dreaming and planning so much in 2015 & have big goals and aspirations for 2016 & the future!

A month ago today, I wrote a very personal post that shared my heart about teen girls!  Please take a moment to read it here. It is time that we as women start obeying the command that God has given us.  We are to be Titus 2 women!  We are called to be part of the next generation–to mentor, disciple, pray for/with these young women! We need to be there for them to listen, encourage and build them up in their faith. It is essential that we invest in their lives.

Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled. (Titus 2:3-5)

I realize that many of you may not be surrounded by teen girls in your lives. But that doesn’t mean you can’t help them. This past year, I saw four different women come alongside four different girls and pay their entire way to a retreat/workshop.  These women didn’t even know these girls personally. Each story was different. And each story was beautiful. Here are a few stories from three of the girls whose lives were impacted by older women investing in their lives.

“This past April, I had the chance to be surrounded by Washington mountains and amazing young artists. To be surrounded by laughter and heart-to-heart conversations late into the night; I had the chance to be surrounded by true community. I don’t think I even ever knew what community looked like until I was in that house with these girls. Most of us came as strangers and left as best friends. But the thing that still leaves me speechless and with a heart so thankful when I think about the retreat, was the fact that someone who hardly knew me, paid for my entire registration. And if it weren’t for that, I never would have been able to make it to the retreat. I fully can’t put into words what it means to have someone believe in you when you never even gave them a reason to. And I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for people like that. For people who believe in the dreams of young people, and who not only believe in them, but who come along side them and turn their dreams into reality. And for that, I am forever thankful. “ Moriah

“As soon as I found out about the November Intensive, I knew I needed to be there so badly. I knew right away that God wanted me there. But I also knew that there was no way I could pay for it. So I prayed and hoped. And then, the night before my birthday, Kristin sent me a message asking if I would be able to come if my registration fee was covered. I said “yes” and she told me to count on coming. I was in shock and couldn’t believe it. And looking back I know that that was God’s hand right there. The week I spent at the Delight House in November was truly pivotal for me. I know that years from now when sharing my story – I will point back to 2015 as the beginning. And I’m not just being dramatic about that. And more specifically – I will point to the week of the intensive, and the Wednesday night when one of the leaders spoke God-given truth to me, as the pivotal point. God worked wonders in me that week and it was truly the sweetest, most beautiful week of my life. And I wouldn’t have been able to experience that if I hadn’t been given a scholarship to go. Such an example to me that God’s plan won’t be and can’t be hindered by anything of this world.” Lisa

“Everyone says they want to be apart of something big, but what if I told you that the the number of your Starbucks bill last month would go towards something bigger than yourself? In 2014 I had a handful of people, some I didn’t know give from their heart, out of faith, out of love. With a collective amount of $500 and my own savings I was able to fly up to Washington for a life changing experience that still has remnant effects to this day as I head into 2016!!! That initial donation changed my faith because it was the very thing I had been praying for.When you give to delight it’s more than just a dollar, it’s encouragement for a young woman to take a step of faith herself, to believe that she has a place, to make AMAZING friendships…. To be a friend herself.Whether you want to say “hey I can do $10!” Or if you paid a full scholarship, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Every girl that steps through the doors of a delight retreat is gonna be radically changed and lathered in the purest kind of love that is a clear extension of what Jesus desires for his children. I’m writing this to whoever may stumble across to ask you to simply pray over these retreats and the hearts that God is preparing to go. The hurting hearts, the eager hearts, the hearts in the dry seasons and the ones in harvest too. I challenge you to simply ask if this is somewhere God wants to use you!” Elizabeth Lauren
Today, I am asking YOU, if you will stop and pray about sponsoring a girl for an upcoming retreat or workshop. The retreat registration opened on January 1st. We also have an incredible workshop for engaged and newly-marrieds with Katelyn James in February.  There are going to be many more workshops and events in 2016! So many of the girls hearts are yearning to come, but finances are standing in their way. These girls need our support, love and encouragement. . .they need to see that we believe in them and recognize their God-given talents. Each year the girls leave with newly forged friendships, hearts filled with knowing the love of their Father, joy and hope for the future. . . not only that, they have left with learning more about photography, their businesses and beautiful images to build up their portfolios. The beautiful thing is that as leaders, we are fully accessible in the future to answer questions whether photography related or about life in general.  Each workshop and retreat will be focusing on different areas of the creative arts. We will have intensive workshops at the Delight House for photography, culinary arts, graphic design, hand-lettering, blogging, writing, dance, theater, etc.  But the ones I am most excited about are the ones where our hearts are just 100% totally focused on drawing closer to Jesus.  These will be workshops with themes like our {Be Brave} workshop we held in November.

I want to challenge you right now as a sister-in-Christ and creative entrepreneur, to pray about sponsoring a young woman to come to a 2016 event. And, if you can’t personally, maybe you can rally some friends or a photography group you know to come together to make a difference in one young woman’s life! I am asking right now to take time to pray about making a difference in a young woman’s life. And if you are a business owner, we are now a 501c3! I can’t think of a better tax deductible donation! :)  If you have any questions at all, please email me at





“We will endeavor to LOVE others at all times. We will seek JESUS AND HIS KINGDOM and let our hearts be filled with more of Him everyday. We will LIVE in freedom and redemption as chosen and loved women. We will rejoice in HOPE, seek joy, and celebrate grace. We will wake with open hands and learn to wear our hearts PROUDLY, to tell our stories with laughter and weeping and song. We will be seekers, sojourning souls walking narrow and long roads leading HOME. We will be ready with a waiting ear, outstretched arms, and prayerful hearts. We will let the BROKENNESS in us and our stories be made into something meaningful and BEAUTIFUL in His hands. We will be GENEROUS with our gifts, possessions, and hope; we will be EXTRAVAGANT in our whimsy and wonder. We will take all that He’s given us and run with it, living a life of abundant grace, relentless love, and purposeful gratefulness in pursuit of the KING OF KINGS!” Delight & Be’s Manifesto    

January 3, 2016

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