I met this girl many years ago, although I don’t really remember how or when she became such a huge influence in my life. Nonetheless, here we are. She’s ruthless, cold-blooded, and extremely detrimental. She’s insulting and, frankly, she’s just annoying, and I can’t seem to get her words out of my head. I know […]


We’re featuring another beautiful Delight Girl today, this time from our talented Writing group! We owe a huge thank you to her for all her help behind the scenes with our blog, too. Make sure you say hello to her in the comments, and read some of her latest work in the links below. Colleen : […]

Delight Girls

We’re trying something new over here and introducing you to more of the creatives within Delight. Brooke Wilson is an author and part of our Writing group, and I’m so excited for you guys to meet her! Who are you? Hi, y’all!! I’m Brooke Wilson. I grew up a Texas girl and now live in Tulsa, […]

Writer's Corner

We have been so excited about our weekly challenges around Delight & Be!!  Leaves were our theme last week! And not only did we challenge our photography group, but our writing and graphic arts groups as well! Today we are showcasing a lovely poem & photography by some of our amazingly talented ladies! by: Shay […]

Writer's Corner