Celebrate #DaysofDelight with us this December!

We are so excited to begin our annual year-end celebration #daysofdelight. Join us as we celebrate what God has done in 2017, with stories of His faithfulness, fun traditions, and an opportunity to partner with us!

From our establishment in 2012 until now, Delight & Be has been mainly supported by our founder, Kristin Wall, and her family. However, due to the immense growth we’ve seen in 2017 alone, it has become very apparent that we will not be able to continue to thrive unless we have outside support.

Our prayer is for others to partner with us in supporting this generation’s teen girls.
We are in a pressing need financially as we head into 2018, in which our event calendar is set to host seven workshops, one large retreat, and weekly local events. 

With Days of Delight, we daily celebrate the impact on our girls each day of December, and we prayerfully ask for others to join us, that we may continue to bring Jesus to the community.

Life is hard. Especially being a teenager in this new generation. My heart's passion is for
young women to know they aren't alone. For them to understand that they are seen, heard, and loved and to provide them a safe place whether in our online community or at the Delight House.

At retreats, workshops and local Monday night studies, we hear story after story
that breaks my heart. Whether it is a struggle with anxiety and depression, shame, the
aftermath of rape, porn addiction, suicide, or eating disorders -- they NEED our support.

But the reality of running a non-profit is brutally difficult without support. Especially having
a tangible home that needs upkeep, food for our local girls, electrical bills, property tax, nonprofit
insurance, internet, and more.

Without support, we will not be able to continue. We truly need your help.

Would you please pray about coming along side and helping us love these beautiful young women? 

Days of Delight

From Kristin:

How can YOU help?

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"If not for the scholarship money that Delight gifted me, I literally would not be where I am in life right now - in a broad sense but in a spiritual sense as well. I got a scholarship to go to the East Coast Fall Retreat in 2016, and my world changed from there. I was able to connect with people who were likeminded creatives. From there, friendships started and opportunities were created for me to travel more and further my photography business. Being able to go to that retreat also strengthened my walk with God. I learned so much and the online group has been so supportive and encouraging. If not for that initial scholarship, I don't think any of that would be the same. I am beyond grateful for everything the people of Delight have done for me and I am honored to be a part of it!" 

Carina, 17

"While I'd been a part of the online Delight community for years, I never thought of attending a workshop, considering I lived so far and would never be able to afford it. It wasn't until Kristin, the founder of Delight, posted in the group that she felt like someone else needed to attend a workshop and was asking for girls to nominate one another. Through the scholarship I received to attend the Be Disciplined workshop, God handed me the tools that I needed to pursue what He'd put on my heart. He did this through the powerful truth of His word that was shared at the workshop, but the ladies that presented it did so in a way that cultivated a bond between each attendee. This workshop is one that will forever represent a launching point in my life, where God provided my every need and did so through the ministry of Delight and everyone who has made this ministry possible."

leah, 22

"As soon as I joined the Delight group in 2013, and experienced the warmth, love, and encouragement that it brought to my life, I knew I had joined a special community. When I heard about the retreats, I knew I wanted to attend one in the future but never thought I would have the funds to attend. However in the Spring of 2017, I entered a giveaway to win a free scholarship to the Delight retreat and won! The retreat, Christ-centered and led by such warm, honest, genuine, selfless souls was a safe haven, a place where we were taught to listen to God's truth and put aside the lies. Being surrounded by women and girls who share similar passions and a  desire to follow the Lord was such a blessing. We laid hands on each other in prayer, cried, worshipped, and laughed together, and rejoiced in Jesus and the unique gifs He's given us. By the end of the week, I was reminded how each of us are truly sisters, bonded in Christ."

madison, 22

“When a friend contacted me and my twin sister about possibly coming to the upcoming retreat on a $300 scholarship, I didn't think much of it at first. But the more I thought about it, the more it became a reality for me. When we arrived at the retreat, I was at a point of questioning God's plan for my life and wondering what was next for me as I prepared to graduate high school and start my search for colleges. I was so excited to meet one of my small group leaders, Michelle. She made it so easy to share with her this season of life I was in. She encouraged me and prayed with me and through her, I felt God speak to me in ways I'd never heard before. I've never felt so close to God than I did at the Delight retreat. I'm so thankful for my time at the retreat, all the amazing young women I got to meet, and that $300 scholarship that allowed me to experience something that has impacted my life in such an amazing way.”

Jessica, 18

"When registration opened for the October retreat in Tennessee, I felt my heart leap! How amazing it would be to go again! What held me back was the cost. But a month or so later, I found out that I could receive up to $200 in scholarships to attend and I would be able to travel with a good friend of mine. Until the day I left, I was praying and fasting over our time together in Tennessee. I built a confidence that I would not have now if I hadn't received a scholarship opportunity to attend. The retreat impacted me even before I got on the plane.  I was healed, forgiven, and embraced. I was welcomed home. I left with a new identity and a new name: child of God. In the grand scheme, a year later, $200 doesn't seem like a lot, but it was enough. Just like in the Bible, 5 fish and 2 loaves of bread didn't seem like a lot, but it was enough. Because I was able to receive just enough, God was able to provide an abundance and bring me, and several other sisters, home to Him.

shayla, 21

Non-profit insurance: $3,750
Workshop Hosting Costs: $3,500
Retreat Hosting Costs: $13,000
Yearly Delight House Costs: $20,000

Registration value for a 3-5 day workshop at the Delight House - $595 
Our dream is to have every girl's registration for a workshop at the Delight House fully sponsored in 2018.

Monthly Rent: $1,150
Utilities, Internet, monthly fees: $250
Yearly Property Taxes: $1,500




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