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Delight and Be Brave | Delight Workshop

Nov 15, 2015

by: Courtney Hall


What would it be like to get away, I mean really get away? To fall into the sweet melody of the Lord’s lullaby and to breathe in His promises He whispers you every morning? For a week I got to truly unplug and enter into a community that uplifts this.

Delight is a nonprofit that believes in unifying young girls and the creative arts while edifying the Kingdom of Heaven. For a week we unplugged from the world around us and saturated our hearts in the presence of nature and the Lord. Daily we evaluated the condition of our hearts and took workshops to learn the tools to challenge ourselves and grow.


I sat in stillness as I soaked up the presence of the Kingdom of Heaven and earth coming together and cultivating a time of peace and restoration. My heart was unraveled of it’s insecurities, as I breathed in His promises. We are called to be brave and in this community of young girls, we fought to seek His truth and surrender the lies. This weekend allowed me to unplug and detox from the environment around me. Change begins within us, and by being in an atmosphere where we are uplifted, encouraged, and taught encourages a change.


My favorite thing about intensives is its level of intimacy. We are able to connect one on one with each other either by sitting around the fireplace in blankets, staying up past dusk, and eating every meal together. No matter what we’re doing we’re building relationships, reaffirming God’s promises, and seeking to know the heart of God. We are all from different backgrounds and lifestyles, but for that week we realize how connected we are and the vital link that we share. When we leave, it’s impossible to leave the same. After being changed and encouraged in the way that we were, it’s only natural that we come back home radiating joy. When we go home, we carry one another close to our hearts, and continue to build those relationships as we continue to do life together from afar. Life can be so ruthless sometimes, but in this time of centering ourselves and loving those around us, we find our calling, we find our bravery, and we find delight.

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