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By: Lacey Rabalais of Lacey Rabalais Photography
According to the dictionary contentment is the state of being content or satisfaction. How many people do you know that are truly satisfied with themselves or their lives? I don’t think I need all of my fingers to count the ones that I know. As much as we strive to honestly be content, we are always striving for more, wanting more, trying to get more. But don’t we already have all that we need?

“If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment” –Job 36:10-12

Wow….isn’t this the answer that we’ve been searching for? It specifically says how to gain prosperity and contentment. All we have to do is obey and serve the Lord.

Obviously, I know that it’s not that easy. We all want that new lens, those super cute shoes, or a bigger home. But if we start each day being thankful for everything that we’ve been blessed with and thank Him for everything that He has already given us, we are getting on the right track. Dwell in what you already have and think less about what you want.

God is going to use each of us to His satisfaction. He has a plan for each one of us. If he wants you to shoot with a Rebel for years before advancing to a full frame…..he’s going to keep you there. Don’t feel stuck. He’s not leaving you stuck somewhere. He just wants you to trust Him and know that He is there for you. Trust that He has the best plan for your life and know that everything happens on His time.

So will you ever be filled with satisfaction? Will I? I am trying. Each day I dwell on knowing that truly the Lord is all I need. Everything could be taken away from me and as long as I have Him, I’ll be ok. That’s a hard thing to really think about. I don’t want to lose the things that matter to me, but I want to live for Christ not for other things.

Pray about Him being everything that you need. Be ok with the fact that you will only be content with God and not with earthly things. Know that you’re not alone in the struggle.


February 25, 2013

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