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When we started this blog on January 1st, we were blessed by many people donating of items and time.  After a few weeks of girls entering the giveaway contest, my son and I sat down and wrote up all the names and put them into a hat.  Yes, I know there are easier ways, but it has been so wonderful to have my whole family involved with Delight!

Sometimes in life things just seem to happen and we think it is just “random”, but I know that God had Ethan draw certain names out of that hat that day.  Here is one example of how God used this “giveaway”. Little did any of us know that when Ethan drew Emily Gluntz’s name from the hat to be paired with a “One Hour Mentorship with Emilia Schobeiri” that they would actually get to meet in person!

“Friday I had the incredible opportunity to meet with Emily Gluntz of Fernweh Photography. I feel so blessed to have connected with her through Delight. Emily came over and we talked business! We talked about creating your ideal client profile, building a pricing strategy that makes sense for a growing business, creating touch points to wow clients that don’t cost a fortune, workflow, and seriously so much more. I can’t wait to see what the next steps of her business bring forth!”  —Emilia Schobeiri of Emilia Jane Photography.

Earlier in the year when Delight first launched, Emilia contributed a mentoring session to the giveaway and I won it!! We’ve messaged back & forth over the past few months, planning our time & getting super excited about meeting! Well the day finally came and I was Chicago bound!! So thrilled! When I was just south of the city, I give her a call and said, “I’m about 15 minutes from your place, see you soon!!” but then promptly get stuck in rush hour traffic! gahh!! At least an hour & a half (and a headache) later, I arrive in the rain on her front doorstep- a pitiful picture, I’m sure! Emilia was incredibly welcoming & forgiving despite her schedule being thrown off & fixed mugs of tea first thing- just what I needed! We settled in, chatting about how we each got into the photography industry, and then moved into topics like ideal clients, pricing/client investment, blessing the socks off your clients & efficient workflows.
Being a photographer who is mostly self-taught, mentoring sessions like these are just incredible! It’s much more intimate than a workshop & I feel like I can throw out questions about everything that’s getting stuck in my business & get immediate answers & suggestions in return. So helpful!! While Emilia & I focused on business aspects, most mentoring sessions can also focus on the camera/posing side of things as well if that’s where you need strengthened. I highly recommend seeking out an established photographer in your area who does mentoring sessions & to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge & experience they have! I’m so thankful to Emilia for opening her home & sharing with me advice & ideas that will strengthen & grow my business!! xoxo -Em (Emily Gluntz)




March 25, 2013

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