Fall Inspired, Stylized Bridal Tutorial


My name is Katie and I’m a natural light, portrait and wedding photographer based outside of Los Angeles. I recently photographed a stylized bridal session with my best friend who did an amazing job at modeling these two bridal vintage lace gowns!
2016-11-02_0001 I’m going to take you through a short process of how this shoot went from beginning to end.

Working with Saldana Vintage bridal gowns inspired me to create some romantic yet whimsical images to inspire a fall bride to be. I first chose Hannah as my model because her look fits perfectly with the style of the dress- very clean, elegant, and perfect for the modern lace bridal gown.


Golden Hour

Then I knew I wanted to shoot during golden hour (last two hours with the California sun) in a location that would really make the dress stand out. The contrast of the moody tones in location choice worked perfectly with the bright vibrant white dresses Hannah was modeling. The key is making the product, or client stand out and accenting them as the center of focus when looking at the photographs. You want your clients to be the main attraction, and location and light is key to making the entire frame come together.

I shot at golden hour on my 5DMII, 24-70 2.8L lens so I could do wide and close angles. My ISO was around 320-400 with my F-stop wide open at 2.8. As you can tell, I enjoy brighter photos rather than darker! I love working with the sun here in California and it makes for such beautiful photos during the last few hours of sun.


When shooting I want my images to have movement and feel as if I were candidly documenting a moment. I told Hannah to continue moving after every click of the camera, and to give me different angles and movements of her body with every shot taken. I would have her walk towards the camera and back, multiple times until I got the perfect shot where the body and face both looked natural. Then I would just work around her until I found the angles I was really desiring to make her and the dress look just as stunning as they are.


Hannah is so photogenic so it’s never difficult getting images from her. But it’s always important to make sure the model doesn’t look tense. Sometimes I could tell her shoulders were tense. You just let them know to take a deep breathe, shake it out, and have fun!!

Make sure you too, are always having a good time because it reflects in your work!

2016-11-02_0006 2016-11-02_0005 2016-11-02_0007 2016-11-02_0003 Thank you for taking the time to review this fun session I was so excited to work on!



November 4, 2016

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