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We have been so excited about our weekly challenges around Delight & Be!!  Leaves were our theme last week! And not only did we challenge our photography group, but our writing and graphic arts groups as well! Today we are showcasing a lovely poem & photography by some of our amazingly talented ladies!

by: Shay Alexander



How do we know the world has grown?
Young one, watch the leaves.

The year may start in the midst of winter,
But watch when the leaves are born in summer.
Spring green and unafraid of the world,
They’ve begun to learn purpose of which they hold.
There’s a new day, a new light in them
That may only be noticed when dawn is dim.
There is no need to lead with undervalue,
For this life is capable of so much more than you.
Their lifespans may be considerably less,
But they accomplish much more in days than us.
Complain as you will when you see,
Leaves are essential and lovely to me.
Able are they to give hope in dark trial
Or simply show His great attention to detail.
They shape the trees as years go by,
Making them fuller and richer by His touch, and fly.
Fly away they must occasionally
But we all know little things must grow to be free.
This is the life.
These are the leaves.
Watch them so you may understand and, too, be free.

There comes a time with every season
Where leaves are alive and some are frozen,
And in this time they look to Him
For guidance and love and nature’s abundance.

When our year is coming to a close,
The leaves begin to mimic colors of a rose.
Divine as they may come by to seem,
It goes to show there can be beauty in suffering.
There is freedom to their lives finally,
Life and life and close to death they’ll always be.
Reds and golds to tarnished browns,
Their colors create their own autumn sounds.
Sing they will until the cold settles,
Then fly away, away unless pine or nettle.
His love for them will never fade,
Even when branches are bare and grey.
Life is merely a concept so wide,
They look to it and travel through the sky.
Never alone and never forgotten,
They’ll return home anew and quite often.
Off they go and cease and left to roam,
But He will never hesitate to welcome them home.
This is life grown.
They will be leaves once more.
Watch them so you may understand and, too, be home.

How do we know the world has grown?
Young one, watch the leaves.



October 16, 2015

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  1. Sarah Vincent

    October 17th, 2015 at 11:45 am

    LOVE this so much!!

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