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From Mama Wall: A Hope and Plan + How You Can Help

Jul 1, 2017

Over the past five years, my passion in life has been to do whatever I can to inspire, to equip and to provide a place of authentic community for young women in the creative arts, being rooted and grounded in Jesus Christ.


What is Delight & Be all about?

Our mission is to provide a safe community for young women that emphasizes hope for the future by equipping, educating and inspiring them.

For biblically-centered discipleship.

To provide ways in which girls can understand the heart of their Heavenly Father. And to create an environment that allows for authentic and genuine relationships!

In today’s day and age of media influence, distraction, comparison, depression, eating orders, addiction to porn and self-harm are becoming more pronounced in teen girls. My goal is to come alongside these young women through community and education. To provide ways in which girls can understand and experience the heart of their Heavenly Father.

I asked in our online community last night what the Delight House is to them. The number one response was,

“It’s safe.”

It’s safe from the outside cares of the world, it is safe from judgement. It is safe to be yourself.

My heart has been to create an environment that allows for authentic, genuine relationships and opportunities to pour into these young ladies lives.

Even though I’m incredibly honored to pursue this calling of Delight & Be, there have been moments of feeling overwhelmed with the financial burden. When our family felt like God was asking us to build the Delight House, we just knew it was something we had to do out of obedience. It has been a very beautiful, crazy and wonderful faith-building experience. We have seen God provide over and over. He’s never once not provided. Even up to the very last day before a bill was due.

God asked me to give up my photography business in order to give my full attention to Delight. Because of this, funds have been even more challenging. The only way to maintain and the only way for growth is through donations.

Help Support Delight with Project 80/25

I write this letter to humbly ask for your help. Besides several generous one-time gifts, we have had 30 people graciously commit to supporting monthly – a total of $750 through Project 80/25. We need to raise a little over $2,000 each month. This includes mortgage, gas, electric, internet, property taxes, non profit insurance, etc.

In total, another $1250+ needs to be raised for each month.

We need 50 more people to commit to a monthly donation of $25 a month OR a yearly one-time gift of $300.


support delight

These funds are literally bringing God’s calling to life. 

We hope you will be able to join us in funding the Delight House where we believe girls lives will be forever changed. Would you commit to coming alongside to help us in helping these beautiful young women?

We officially became a non-profit 501c3 last fall, so every donation is tax-deductible.

It’s quick and easy!

Sign Up Here:

YES, I Want To Help Support Delight & Be

How will my donation be used? 

Raised monies cover not only the cost of running the Delight House, but will also enable us to dramatically increase proffered scholarships. Plus, any extra could be used toward food for the intensives, as well as transportation to and from the airport! This consistent monthly giving will allow us to give scholarships for our intensives and, with growth, pay entirely for the life-changing, God- focused, community and service-based life here at the Delight House.

For more information, our new website has our statement of faith and all the details you need to know!
See it HERE.

Thank you for your support!


Kristin Wall, Founder & President


All About Delight

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