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The One Thing That Will Set You Apart in this Generation

Sep 1, 2017

The number of people I hear complaining about their present situation in life is fascinating. While there are undoubtedly circumstances that are uncontrollable, the majority of these complaints are centered around things that are totally within their realm of influence. Of course, I make these judgements not merely based on my observations of others, but on an attitude of which I myself am all too familiar:


My whole life, I have been resolved to it. Growing up, I was that shy girl. The one in the corner staring longingly at the mingling groups of her peers, the one who freezes anytime someone tries even remotely to make conversation, smiling that painfully forced I-have-no-idea-what-to-say kind of smile. Looking back, the number of opportunities that I missed because of my willingness to stand in the corner is insurmountable. What’s past is past and what matters now is the present; if I had the chance to go back and start over, you better believe I would.

You see, I struggle with envy. I see these young women my age living my dream, and I wonder why I can’t live that dream as well. It’s not that I can’t but, rather, that I don’t. Anything is attainable, but it’s an attitude of passivity that will prevent you from achieving it. Instead of pouting in the corner, go out into that centerfield and make your presence known. It will not be easy. Nothing in life truly is. There may be moments where you feel disappointed, embarrassed, rejected, or ridiculed. Do not give up. Do not give in. You may feel like a fool at times. In fact, you will probably feel like a fool many times. Do not give up. Do not give in.

Do not resolve to passivity.

If you want to know what will set you apart in this generation, it is being a “go-getter.”

It is realizing you have a voice and using it to change lives. It is going after your dreams and failing and then picking yourself up and succeeding. It is realizing when to move on. It is taking action, and believing in an end result.

God gave us eyes to see. He gave us ears to hear. He gave us feet to move. He gave us hands to build, to create, and to use for His glory. If you spend your life in that corner that I spent so much of my childhood in, you will not accomplish his great potential for you.

Stop saying “I can’t” and believe that you can. Because you can, through Him.

Do not resolve to passivity.



A recent high school graduate, Graciela spends her time writing, playing piano, taking photos, and spending time with friends and family. She loves coffee, being outside, and making people smile. Follow her on Instagram.


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