{Be Loved} Push + Pull

Spiritual Growth

by: Jessica Eileen Drogosz of JED Photography

sometimes all we need is to be surrounded by a group of others trying to do better

i’m often reminded of what an introvert i really am. yet at the same time i hold onto this need to feel connected.

there are certain people i have met this year who allow and respect me to be both. its in these connections that i have seen a shift in my ability to share the quiet moments with others. almost as their presence in my life has assured me its quite ok and perfectly suiting for me to embrace this dichotomy.

there is a vulnerability about my relationships with other creatives and i actually feel its a positive way of being as they understand this feeling associated with creating art.

the insecurity yet hope that comes along side us as we dream, leap, and grow.

lauren and i came across a door the other day together, a door we both knew was there yet didnt realize the other knew of its existence. i feel like god keeps bringing the right people into my life these days and they are people who feel as if they have been there/here all along. [each and every one of you know who you are] their presence just makes sense to the journey.

so here i am, slightly sharing the next door that im going to open and run through with two AMAZINGLY CREATIVE + KIIND SOULS. we want to open or show this door to many other like minded people, because we all have something to share and sometimes it just takes that external motivation to confirm that the thoughts inside your quiet busy mind are valid.. sometimes it takes a friend to say i believe in you..show me more of what your story is.

sometimes all you have to believe is that God has a plan for you and let him take control. its alot more fun knowing we are not in control that we will be right where we are supposed to be with the right person. and there is nothing we can do but trust our hearts. . trust yourself + your journey .

its unique + its yours to share .

July 22, 2013

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