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Fashionable Senior Style Inspiration

Nov 25, 2015

I am totally drooling over the outfits in today’s feature! Gaby of Salomon says photography captured the style in these portraits in such a classy way that I felt like I was looking at a magazine ad! Enjoy Getting to know Gaby and seeing her fabulous images!


Name/business name: Gaby Salomon, Salomon Says Photography

Something short and sweet about you: I’m absolutely in love with food, in fact, my main food groups are chips and queso, buttery popcorn (ONLY from the Movie Theater, I don’t even trifle with that “microwaveable popcorn”…), and Pei Wei. If we’re being honest, I’m a college student who desperately needs to learn how to cook and spends waaaaay too much time at drive-thrus and the “call in ahead” pick-up line at restaurants.

About this session: I knew the senior, Leslie, and her family from church. They used to attend my family’s church whenever my dad was the Pastor, so it was really great to see them again after such a long time! We did all of the session in one location, but we still had a great variety of sets within this one location. Leslie also brought a wide selection of outfits, so that helped get a great variety of shots!

Did this session challenge you?: For her session, we traveled to Grapevine, Texas and shot at a small botanic garden. I had never visited this location, nor even heard of it, so I was a little nervous not knowing what I was getting into. On top of that, I was shooting with my new 85 mm 1.8 lens (which I had only used for one session prior to this) because I really wanted to try it out! Despite all of my worries about the location and my lens, the session went absolutely amazing and it turned out to be one of my favorite sessions ever…and an image from this session actually was published and won me a spot on Senior Style Guide’s Hot 100 List. This was definitely unexpected

What gear was used: Canon 6D and a Canon 85 mm 1.8, I may have taken a few with my Canon 50 mm 1.8 but I think all of it was mostly on my 85 mm! And a standard reflector.

Why photography: I initially loved photography because it gave me an excuse to hide behind my insecurities and be the one taking the pictures instead of being photographed. However, now that I’ve gotten older, my love for photography is based on my desire to capture other families’ special moments. I LOVE being the one responsible to capture those memories. My family never really took any family portraits before my dad passed away, and I always wish that we would have taken some so that I’d have memories to hold onto. Now that I know the importance of documenting family memories while you can, I’ve started offering free family mini sessions in my highest Senior Session packages so that families will have lovely family memories to hold onto for years to come!

How does your relationship with Jesus effect your work?: Oh, this is SUCH a big one! I kind of feel like photography and my relationship with Jesus go hand-in-hand. Every couple, senior, and family I work with, I make it my goal to make sure that I make them feel absolutely LOVED for that one to two hour window I have with them. That doesn’t always include me specifically sharing the Word of God, or saying the name of Jesus flat out, but I always want my clients to feel loved by the end of their session. You should never stand idly by, and miss an opportunity to show someone the love of God through your business. We are the Hands and Feet of God, and I continue to keep sharing the love of God through my business! :)


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If you or someone you know is interested in being featured here on the blog please email us!



Elizabeth Lauren




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