{Be Thrifty} Tile Coasters


You are going to have so much fun with this idea!! Primarily because there are SO many different ways to create pattern on tiles!

I used tape to create a few simple patterns but I can see you using lace, randomly placed bottle caps, tape cut into geometric shapes, string, metal washers… the options are endless!

Materials >> Tiles (0.13 ea. @ Lowe’s!) | Tape (almost any kind works!) | Spray paint | Strips or small squares of felt | hot glue gun

Mark off the pattern you wish to create using tape, lace, paper, string, etc. Then spray paint the tile! Let it dry for 30 min and then carefully peel the tape off. Use the hot glue to attach the felt to the bottom of the tile. Viola! SO easy! Now let them air dry for another 24 hours before using:)

July 26, 2013

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