When God Brings You to the Mountain

Spiritual Growth

I used to think that the Lord kept me away from high mountain tops out of fear. I figured He thought that I would love the view more than I loved Him. I would get half way up and think, “I’ve made it this far, but I can’t keep going. I’m too weak. I don’t have the strength, so God must not want me here.” I felt a small nudge forward, but ignored it like the breeze. I would trek back down into the valleys, wondering what would happen if I had made it to the top.

I did this time and time again, losing any energy I had climbing to the halfway mark between heaven and earth. I ignored any signs to move forward and passed them off as my own worldly thinking. I would complain and lose myself in the landslides, earthquakes, and piles of snowflakes. I never had the strength, so why must I continue to torment myself?

Years, literal years, came to pass and I found myself in the valley once again. And once again I felt it. An urge to climb so great that I ached to the core at the thought. This time I stood still. I did not move backwards, nor forwards.

And I heard it.

A voice like sleigh bells, gentle yet present. “Follow me,” it beckoned. I shook my head, sure of my own thoughts, but no. “Go higher and I will carry you where you have no strength,” it said so steadfastly. I could not ignore its determined tongue, yet I still stood planted. I could not move, paralyzed by a fear that I had never acknowledged.

“Help!” I called, tears spilling over and threatening to shake the ground.

“Step forward and cast your fears aside,” I heard so calmly in the distance, but ignored. I continued to cry out, eventually screaming in frustration.

“Child of Mine,” he whispered, now inches from my ears. My fears. “Walk,” the voice of the Most High commanded. I stepped. He spoke. I stepped. He told and I walked.

He called and I ran.

Finally, He sang and I soared. Halfway up the mountain, I stopped. “Why?” asked my God.

“How do I know you want me there? What will I do when I get to the top?” I prompted, earnest to receive the answers I had long since forgotten I needed.

“Trust me and you will see more than I ever promised. Follow me and you will give me all the glory. Listen to me and you will find strength,” the mighty King answered.

For the first time, I saw nothing wrong with His words. I stepped and He nodded. I walked and He approved. I ran and sometimes fell, but He picked me up again. I flew and sometimes became lost, but He guided me down the righteous path. The journey to the top was twice as long as the trip to the halfway point, but it felt infinitely easier.

I reached the top and, with my Savior by my side, saw the world as I never had before. The landslides turned into deep, beautiful caverns. The earthquakes made room for lakes to reflect starlight. The snow became water which nourished the earth in all its power.

I sighed, proclaiming how good everything was. I was met with firm, yet kind words from my Father.

“You are not good and neither is the earth. I am good, and therefore declare everything good before Me.”

I nodded, understanding what had only been words to that point. After spending weeks on the mountain alone, I looked to God and asked, “Where are the others? Your disciples and prophets? Your children and family?”

I listened carefully and quietly, so as to hear His still, small voice. “They have always been here, you need only accept their love and see,” He claimed, stretching an arm that overtook every tree at the mountain top. The trees parted as if by righteous command, becoming pathways to people I had seen but never truly heard. My eyes were opened once again before the Lord as I witnessed a revelation. I was welcomed home. I turned to God and together, my brothers and sisters and I, we cried out and sang a song of thanksgiving to our Father.

Since then, I have been to valleys low and mountains high. I have followed through the dark and the light. I have seen broken hearts and healing, both in death and in life. Through it all, I have never been alone, and sometimes I wonder why it took me so long to notice.

But my God says, “I do not care the time it took to get here, only that you are here at all.”
And the earth will forever stand silent in awe.

Psalm 46:10: “He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Sometimes climbing those mountains takes a moment to be still and listen.

To be still and hear. To be still and know. [tweetshareinline tweet=”When we know it is He who is speaking and trust in His words, there is nothing we can’t do.” username=”delightandbe”]  There is nothing limiting us.

Though, He gives no pressure. He is a patient God who waits with love and persistence because He wants more for us. He wants so much more than the valleys for us, no matter how necessary they are. He wants the mountain tops, which is where I sit right now.

But, I trust that whenever He calls me back down into the valley, I will be ready because I won’t be alone. I know that my God is by my side, and He will make clear the path to the next mountain. He will provide.

March 8, 2017

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