{Be Successful} Where I Started…


We all start somewhere.  Some of us pick things up faster than others.  We have different struggles in life and our business.  Don’t be frustrated when you don’t grow/succeed as fast as someone around you.  Remember that God has a plan for you and it’s a glorious one.  And as much as we don’t want to think about it….it’s a plan that is filled with mountains and valleys.


My story isn’t about having some magical talent as a child.  I never really “dreamed” of being a photographer.  But here I am – living a crazy dream life.

Most of my life I planned on attending veterinary school.  I got a job at 16 with our vet and worked there until after I was married and moved to Baton Rouge. I started school at LSU and got a job at the vet school.  I continued both school and work and finally applied to vet school.  Not once, but twice.  Both times hearing that it wasn’t my time, my scores weren’t good enough, or there are too many better people in front of you.

Through all of this J & I were living on opposite sides of the world, literally.  He got stationed (with the Navy) in Japan less than a week after our wedding. For Christmas while I was in Japan visiting, J & my parents had gotten together and got me a camera and 2 lenses.  It was a Canon Rebel and I was in love.  Why Canon? My mom had a film canon camera, we could share lenses, and that’s what they gave me.  Japan had no clue what had just happen….the whole country, YES THE WHOLE COUNTRY, was no MY subject!!!!

One thing led to another and my hobby started turning into something. At first I sold art prints.  Then the more I tested my gear out on my own dogs, others saw this and wanted me to capture theirs.  I began some pet photography.  I loved it.  And then the first real negativity happened…..another photographer made fun of me.  I won’t lie…..wow it hurt.  But with advice of my support system, I brushed it off. I was loving what I was doing.

Eventually I put myself out there and was hired for some weddings.  Everything was moving along….yes slowly but moving and growing….PROGRESS!  At the beginning of this year, with the encouragement and support of my hubs, I quit my full time job.  A million things went into this decision.  It wasn’t solely my growth, but prayer, the hubs job, the environment I was working in, and how to better our lives!

Months later I’m here.  Business is growing.  Sometimes was too slow. But without a doubt, I know this is where I’m supposed to be.  I’m surrounded by a wonderful support system; great husband, family, friends, and clients. I have a God that is bigger than I can really imagine. A God with a plan for my life.  A good plan.  A great plan.  Now I’m hoping to continue to follow His path and enjoy the calling that he’s given me.  He’s got a GREAT plan for you too!!  Trust me.  Whatever it is….go for it.

July 27, 2013

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