Joy in the Job { Delight & be Savvy }

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We have to choose joy and keep choosing it. Even when the editing piles up, or the work is overwhelming or sometimes worse, underwhelming, when you are trying so hard. How about when you want to give up or when you just want to push through the next work week because you’re so tired. Choose joy and keep choosing it. Joy is a way of being, a state of mind and a way to live. A joyful life is a fulfilling life. When I first starting photography as more than a hobby I was definitely in la-la land. I was…

{Be Confident} How Joy Begins

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One of my favorite stories happens to be tucked between the pages in one of the oldest books of the Bible. One thing you’ve just GOTTA know about me is that I’m a secret history buff. I adore facts, history and understanding the “why” of how something came to pass. History is FULL of incredible stories, moments and tales of adventure, glory and triumph. I’ve always been a fan of a good action/adventure tale of war- and the story just so happens to be one of them. Let me set the scene for you. Three armies are about to go…

Ayu Sewing Project {Vendor Feature + Giveaway}

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Ayu Sewing Project

Hello Lovelies!! I’d like to introduce you to a beautiful ministry serving ladies and their families abroad.. The Ayu Sewing project was created to help support Indonesian families. Young mothers, who stay at home with their children and cannot work outside of the home, are provided with an opportunity to work and earn extra income for their families. The women use this income primarily to pay for necessities such as their kids’ schooling, meals and medical expenses. You can find out more about their ministry on their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK! They are generously giving one of you one of a gorgeous purple jersey infinity scarf!…

Joy in Obedience

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I was having quiet time with Jesus about a year ago when I had the words “God doesn’t call you to be comfortable, but He promises to be our Comforter” come powerfully into my mind. We all want to be comfortable. Life is easier that way. Synonyms for comfortable are: cozy, snug, warm, pleasant, agreeable, relaxed, secure, content, happy. All those words make you feel warm and safe inside. Our hearts long to be in a happy, easy place. When I accepted Jesus to be my Savior, I thought it meant that my life would go into a “safe place”,…

{Be Real} The Path to Joy

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I’ll never forget that afternoon.  The smell of the Thai food, the chill of the winter air outside and the warmth of being inside, the way my friends eyes pooled as they looked at me, deeply sorrowful and joyful. I saw something so deep and beautiful in those eyes. My friend Una grew up in a poor village in Botswana, and now, is following the Lord’s call to start a children’s hospital there as the only doctor in her country trained in critical care.  Starting a hospital was always her dream, but her path was catapulted when her mom died…

Delight and Be JOY

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“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.” Philemon 1:7 It’s a word that so many people associate with happiness, but really, their definitions are different entirely. Many may think that it’s a feeling, or it’s an emotion that comes as a result of something pleasurable. But, did you know that if you were look up the synonyms for it, happiness isn’t found until the third page? So what word am I even talking about? Before I even begin or give the definition for it, ask yourself how you…

{Be Featured} Sarah Bradshaw Photography

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We are so honored to be introducing you to Sarah today! I’ve had the pleasure of having lunch with Sarah once before, and I walked away so full of encouragement and Scriptural wisdom. Sarah is the closest thing to a walking Bible I have ever seen. She must have quoted close to a dozen Scriptures throughout the couple hours we spent together. Sarah has such a passion for pouring Jesus into others and producing fruit in her business, her marriage, and her community. She is on fire for Jesus and absolutely loves investing in people. She also has an amazing testimony in…

{Be Loving} How to Withstand Waiting

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I ask myself this questions a lot: “what can I…do?” It echoes in my heart as I see crisis all over the world and crisis right in my own backyard. For a lot of us, we are where we are without much control of the situation and our scope of influence is often somewhat fixed. We can feel pulled to go to the Nations, to tell unreached people groups who Jesus is and how He’s the way to the Father. We can watch documentaries, see our friends who have committed their who lives to missions, and feel that yearning in…