{Be Confident} Waiting on Why

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It was an ordinary summer afternoon, and I was fourteen years old. I don’t remember anything special or significant about the day. I don’t remember ​what the weather was like​ or what I was wearing. I don’t remember what my favorite song was​,​ or which boy I thought was cute at the time. But I do remember about three minutes​ in vivid detail, as they would change the course and shape of the life I had always known. ​ I picked up the phone to hear one of my best friends sobbing. It almost sounded like she was laughing. All she could get…

{Be Real} God is Never Late

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That was the phrase I read on top of the paper, as it was handed to me by my connect group leader. I still remember it to this day. The first time I connected with people in this new church. And I was handed this as my first lesson. You know when you read something and it stares back at you? Well, “God is never late” stared back. I think it had to stare me down because of all the preconceived notions I have had with God and His timing. All of the impatience that had been in my heart,…

Renewing your muse {Savvy Saturdays}

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muse1 myo͞oz/  the source of inspiration for a creative artist. noun: muse; plural noun: muses There is a stigma that comes with artists, sometimes I’m pretty sure people just think we sit around and work up masterpieces one after another while sipping tea and gazing out to a mountainous view. Now some of that may be true at times , I think we all forget what a constant work it is to stay inspired or renewing your passion. It takes a little more effort to push yourself to create and have a new mind as art and trends evolve. Here are three…

{Be Confident} The Distance Between Land + Water

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Obeying God is sometimes like a free fall. Holla if you feel me. That’s what I’ve been feeling lately.  I feel like the “fall” has been a little longer than I anticipated– I thought it would be over by now. The more that I feel that way, the more I dig into scripture to make sure that I’m not missing something.  If I’m obeying the Lord, I should feel good, right?  I should feel as if everything will be okay.  I should feel safe, secure, hopeful… right? Those emotions don’t always come organically.  Sometimes- most times- we simply have to…

Delight Retreat Spring 2015

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It has taken me two weeks to even begin to process all that God blessed us with at the Delight West Coast 2015 retreat. One of my sweet friends wrote a letter to me prior to the retreat that said something like “I have been praying for you and I believe this will be the retreat where you finally feel that the oversized t-shirt you’ve been wearing will finally feel like it fits.” And that analogy couldn’t have been any more perfect! The first retreat in April of 2012 was absolutely beautiful. I believed it was going to be the…

{Be Real} When the Way Closes

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It was a beautiful day for a drive. You know, the kind of day where the windows are down, the breeze is rolling in, and sunshine is gracing down from heaven. I left the house in a hurry that day, running a little behind schedule. But now that I was in the car, I exhaled, free; I made it. I was ready for the journey. Or so I thought. I rounded around the corner, ready to climb up the beautiful mountain to cross over the bridge at the top — when a sign, glaring, said clearly, ROAD CLOSED. How can…

{Be Confident} Love is Patient

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Love is patient.   I’ve heard this a million and one times in my lifetime, good ol’ 1 Corinthians 13. I remember being 8 years old, sitting in my childhood home in Mississippi, coming up with a melody to help memorize the verse so that I could recite it at school the next day. I still know it by heart, and have a calligraphy print of it hanging on my wall. Does that mean that I daily stop and consider what it means? Do I read it and let its truth sink in? Does it change the way I behave…

{Be Real} Present to the Process

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Listening to the birds chirp, astounded by flowers blossoming all around, I revel in its beauty. And I almost forget. I almost forget how last week I stood, looking out the window across a row of maple trees, scanning it for any signs of spring. I looked away, dejected, asking how could this be? It’s time for spring, creation is ready and we’re all ready. God, seriously? We have to wait longer? And then, that lone tree looked back at me, and I saw the tender beginning of green spouting from in between its branches. I almost missed it. The…