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I clutch onto the candle, look at the glimmering lights of the tree, and I know it is what my heart needs most this Christmas, every Christmas.  His light to penetrate my dark. Sometimes that’s painful. I spent many mornings this season, in front of this little tree with God, praying like He’s my only hope again. When exactly did that stop being true in my heart? It is in that stillness, that I hear him, Believe. I look at a baby tree and I think about baby Jesus, how he didn’t come flashy, but small.  And he asks me, asks…

{Be Nourished} Mocha Crinkle Cookies

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For the first time since the kids were born, this year we got to pick up a fresh Christmas tree for our home. Last year, I knew we were ready for something different this year. Dealing with the fake tree and its annual trip in and out of the attic was just getting old; as the lights died off and the bright green faded so, did the family excitement for bringing down the dusty thing. Tree shopping day came and we all ran off the car and into the big tent and inhaled the smell of freshness. We were all so excited to bring home a real tree,…

{Be Loving} A Challenge To The Child In All Of Us

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Slowly and carefully I walked upstairs; I tiptoed to the left and right to avoid the parts of the stairs that made creaking noises all in order to try and be quiet and get a first-glimpse of the tree on Christmas morning. It was a sight to see – all lit up and beautiful with boxes wrapped up with precision underneath. As kids, we approach the morning of Christmas with faith and excitement. As we grow up, the magic sometimes seems to fade, the lights don’t seem to sparkle as much, and we are surrounded by the realities of the…

Photographing your Christmas tree {Delight & Be Savvy}

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It’s that wonderful time of the year, when we are surrounded by all things glitter and shiny! I absolutely love getting fun tree or christmas light images, but I still have some favorites from last year I want to share with you too! Sometimes it can be tricky to catch that magical glow that the lights give off, and if you haven’t learned manual yet, your Auto flash will totally kill your vibe! Hopefully you can either learn some tips, or if you already know, get some inspiration from this post! A few tips before we begin, 1. Shoot in…

{Be Confident} Images, images Part 2 : Our biggest enemy

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One decision at a time…. A lot of people think life will get easier when they become a Christian. But, I really don’t think it does. If anything, life gets harder. Some of you are cringing because said that. But it’s true. When you really follow Jesus, it’s not unicorns & cotton candy.  And honestly, if it were, I don’t think many of us would actually buy into following Jesus. Most of us crave more. A lot more. I mentioned before how deeply I fell in love music when I was in middle school. I didn’t only fall in love…

When Your Heart Needs a Home

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The glimmer of my tiny Christmas tree lights shimmer and I exhale, writing this to you. We are about to celebrate the greatest of all miracles in a few short weeks – God coming to earth. It is truly a miracle, that God came down to get us. There are just some times and some seasons that we realize, we don’t know how to save ourselves. And some days, we don’t remember the way home. And then in the softest of those moments, we hear God draw us near. Recently, I was on a flight home to New York and…

{Be Featured} H. Marie Photography

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I first had the pleasure of meeting Hannah when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I was second shooting at. Coincidentally, she was also going to be MY second shooter the very next day! It was quite the pleasant surprise! Hannah’s fun and beautiful personality shines through everything she does. She’s an awesome example of a Delight girl seeking to grow her business and her talents with a Christ-centered focus. Without further ado, meet Hannah! (Photo by Meredith Sledge Photography) Tell us a little about yourself! Hi everyone, I’m Hannah! I’m a photographer in Chester, Virginia who loves to…

{Be Loving} Coming Home When Home Isn’t There

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The holidays sure do put me in a daze (get it…holi-DAZE…right?…okay I’m done). The end of the year is rapidly approaching as I try to tie up any loose ends and get everything in order. There is a silent, unspoken rush that permeates the malls, the roads, even our houses. Just today I spent some time at the mall while I was waiting for the bus and everyone seemed to have a similar look of urgency on their face…in the midst of the lights and cookies, the parties and hot chocolate, the singing and gifts, we are still running around…