{Be Real} Taking Off The Fake Identity

By: Megan Becker


During the East Coast Delight Retreat, Jordan Brittley who was recently featured on the blog, asked me if I would make a devotional with her on camera. I was totally on board with the idea, and I am really excited to share it with you today! When I was creating the devotional, the Lord made it evident that I had to address a few things. I think it is safe to say that we get so caught up on how someone’s life is portrayed on social media, that we forget something so vitally important. Behind each face and picture you see, is a real, genuine, beautiful human being. Do humans have it all together? Of course not. We go through rough patches, we hurt and feel pain. We laugh and we cry and we are all in need of God’s grace. It is important to remember this when you are scrolling through your news feed and you wonder, “How could she be so perfect?” I am speaking to the “audience” right now. Now I want to address you personally now. If you feel pressured to keep a good and appealing identity, in order to look and feel like you have it all together, but you are really struggling and hurting…let that identity go. Dive into Christ. God declared, saved, and proclaimed that YOU are His and He is among you and He is with you. God loves the you, who you are, in this very moment. Don’t withhold anything from our God. Forget about the former things and the old things, because God is doing a new thing. He has extinguished and quenched every flaming dark from the enemy. He fights for you, and you need only to be still. This is taking a big step of faith, is it not? In Christ you are a new creation. Let go of the things you’re using to keep you “stable” and allow God to heal you and strengthen you. I am not even speaking about how you portray life on social media, but even more so on how you portray your life outside of social media. I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

What is holding me back from letting go?

What areas in my life do I struggle with comparison?

I want to encourage you to spend some time in the presence of God. Write down who He says you are. What are your gifts and what are your strengths? Allow yourself to see the beautiful truth of who are you in Christ. You were created for a reason and you have a wonderful purpose.


“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” – 2 Corinthians 4:18

{Be Encouraged} Growing Up

by Kristina Hurd

The older I get the more I realize I really have no idea what it actually means to “grow up”! I am about to have another birthday in a couple of days and as I think about getting older I really don’t FEEL like I’m any older. My dad is always known to say “I’m just one day older than I was yesterday” on his birthdays and I must say that I agree with him…a birthday is just another day. The thing that makes birthdays special is the idea of celebrating the life you have lived and the new season that you are entering into.

I have been very blessed to grow up in a close Christian family and I consider my family to be my best friends. My older brothers and I are all very close in age and were homeschooled so we spent a lot of time together growing up. I remember countless mornings laying in bed listening to my oldest brother tell us stories and in these stories we were always “old, cool and mature”. By “old” I mean that we were all between the ages of 17-20…all three of us have now passed those ages!

I was thinking about all of this the other day and it made me wonder what 8 year old Kristina would have thought about how 22 year old Kristina turned out. My life definitely isn’t as glamorous or “put together” as I am sure I would have planned for myself, but I honestly can’t say I would have had it any different. There were really good times and there were really bad times, times I can look back on and be proud of and times that I made mistakes and hurt other people – overall there are countless times that I can see God’s hand working in my life and guiding me to where I am today. The Kristina of today still as so much to learn about the Lord, his creation and his plan for my life, but I am excited to continue on this journey with the Lord in however many years He has left for me!

What do you think an 8 year old version of yourself would say about you today? What do you want to be able to say about yourself in 22 years? It is my prayer that you will continue to grow up into the person that God created you to be and that he will give you strength in the journey.

P.S. aren’t we the cutest little munchkins ever? I love this picture of my brothers and I!


{Be Styled} Spring Style Inspiration With Mix-n-Match Staples

Spring style is all about ease and comfort. Shop your own closet and bring out the basics! Pair a vintage graphic tee with denim or a skirt, and top with a blazer and heels or flats for day-to-night looks. Dress things up or down with the accessories of your choice and you’re set! Sunglasses optional…but we’re hoping they’re essential! Bring on the warm weather!
Spring Set

{Be Delighted} Doorposts of the Delight House

You shall teach them to your sons, talking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates, so that your days and the days of your sons may be multiplied on the land which the LORD swore to your fathers to give them, as long as the heavens remain above the earth.… Deuteronomy 11:19-21

Do you know the song Oceans by Hillsong United? When I was at the Pursuit 31 conference this past October, we sang this song twice a day & the words really soaked in!

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior”

This has been my prayer for my life. . .that I will be obedient to do whatever it is that God is asking me to do. Little did I know back in October that God would be handing me keys to a house a couple months later. . .and taking a HUGE leap of faith. . .where I am having to trust “without borders”.

Some of you have been following this journey. For those of you who haven’t, you can read a bit more more here.  We were given keys on January 6th to a home that will be specifically for Delight. When the home is completed remodeled, this home will sleep six girls and three leaders with potential growth in the future.

During the first ever Delight Intensive (smaller retreat with a specific focus) the end March, we all visited the Delight House and wrote verses on the walls of the house! Seeing girls from all over the country (FL, SC, MO, CA, OR) writing on the walls and sharing in the excitement, made me realize that this is just the beginning of something bigger than I can humanly imagine.

We are currently in a holding pattern. With the busyness of the Intensive, the upcoming retreat the end of April, homeschooling my boys,  the excitement of my oldest getting married, and real life, I have not had any time to look into fundraising. The next step in fixing up the house will be putting up sheetrock. I am daily learning to trust as humanly I would love nothing more than to see this house have its first intensive held there this coming November with Dawn Davis teaching about marketing and branding!  But that is my human dream and it would  truly be a miracle for this to happen!

Last night I read a quote “Our role is obedience. God’s role is results.” When I remember that this is His and His timing is always perfect, it allows me to take a deep breath and know that He already has everything perfectly planned. That He cares about the Delight girls even more than I do. . . .and that He has a beautiful plan for this home.

Please join me in praying about the future of Delight. . .Specifically for God to powerfully provide the funds and labor to move forward with this project. Thanks for being part of this exciting adventure!

Delight your heart in Jesus!




Debbie Kirk

I pray for the Lord’s blessing on “Delight House”. Bless you Kristen!

Debbie Kirk

I pray for the Lord’s blessing on “Delight House”. Bless you Kristin Wall!

this just makes my heart so full and happy. God has so much in store for this house and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with it.

Alexus Hall

This makes my heart all sorts of happy.

{Be Devoted} Cultivating a Heart of Worship


Have you ever felt defeated? Maybe you’re worried about the next step in your future or can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe your struggle seems too overwhelming or a temptation too great to bear. I think that all of us have found ourselves before the Lord in a panic trying to decipher and ascertain what exactly He has planned and wondering how He could ever get us out of the pit we’re in.

There is a man in 2 Chronicles that was in the exact same situation. He needed a word from the Lord – He needed direction and hope. He needed a miracle! This man, Jehoshaphat, was going into battle against a great multitude of his enemies. There was no possible way for him to lead the Israelite people to victory, it was humanly impossible. Yet 2 Chronicles 20 paints a different picture than what is expected. Verse 3 says, “Then Jehoshaphat was afraid and set his face to seek the Lord…”  The Lord answered Jehoshaphat in verse 17 and said, “Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, and the Lord will be with you.” Immediately all of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem fell down in worship to the Lord! And the Levites stood up to “praise the Lord, the God of Israel, with a very loud voice.” The Lord fought for the people and delivered them out of the hands of their enemies – He gave them victory!

Though that was a rough and very condensed version of what happened in that chapter, the truth that we can glean is invaluable. The people of Judah assembled and worshipped. They cultivated a heart of worship and recognized God for WHO He is. Because of this – they were victorious.

You may find yourself in a situation where the battle looks impossible to overcome. The enemy seems too strong to resist. The struggle feels too difficult to handle. Let me be a gentle reminder… a person who cultivates a heart of worship can be victorious. Satan has no power over the name of Jesus. You may feel like you are fighting against flesh and blood, but you are fighting a battle that has already been won by our King. The struggle may feel overwhelming in the moment, but take a few minutes to remember who God is. Remember His character – the gracious, powerful Father that He is. Cultivate a heart of worship to our King; that mountain might seem a little easier to climb afterwards. You have the Lord on your side, sweet sister – the devil flees in the Presence of our King. Worship Him!