Strength Under Control – Delight and Be Gentle

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DELIGHT AND BE // GENTLE I recently heard an extremely good talk on the fruits of the spirit. And when it came to the topic of gentleness, I was all ears. The speaker related gentleness to meekness. And described both as strength under control. I love that description! It is so easy to think of gentleness as being soft spoken, timid, and careful. But those are actually only a description of different types of personalities, not of what a fruit of the spirit looks like. I’ll admit, I used to shy away from praying for too much gentleness in my…

{Be Real} Stay

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It’s been a long and busy season, and that day my heart needed a release. I found myself driving down the same road. I felt it like a homecoming; a fresh wind falling on my face through the open window. I walked down the same path, and with the swift movement of my feet, the rhythm came right back. The scenery of the lake trail was familiar, and my heart sighed into the scenery, it fell right into His peace. I looked at the lake and I saw the remnants of the end of summer, waterlilies in bloom. It had…

{Be Confident} The Middle

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I’m somewhere in the middle. Not quite where I was, and not quite where I’m going. And I’ve discovered that in the middle of things is where this life meets me. One minute, I think I’m pushing forward, but in the next, life keeps coming full force in my direction. And then I find that I’m surrounded. So surrounded by life that I am almost swallowed up in my “good works” and the busyness of it all. This year, I made it my goal to say yes to where I felt the Lord leading me. To not be held back by…

{Be Real} Morning by Morning.

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“Do you feel God in this moment?” I buried my head deeper into the pillow and sat in the stillness, that muddy aftermath, the kind that comes from royally messing things up. “No,” I whispered. “Not really.” I felt hollowed out, like I’d given pieces of myself away, and the weight of that sacrifice, that compromise, made me feel nothing but guilt, a thick blanket of shame that suffocated all hope, all the good things I knew to be true. I collapsed into the sobs. Because how could I? How could I betray His love and His grace? How could…

{Be Real} Following the Voice of Love

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It was a beautiful morning, one where I felt a stillness calling me that I haven’t felt in awhile. Time to catch up with emotions and look at fears I had inside. I walked down a narrow bridge and stood at the edge of a creek. The water was gushing, moving fast. I watched, in awe, as the water moved swiftly over the rocks, as it flowed down the river from the high point, to a lower point; how it narrowed around the banks as they turned. The water seemed to not know where it was going, but just know…

{Be Confident} Between Belief and Doubt

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wooded trail

I imagine that I’m walking down a trail. Some wooded trail with hundreds of other people walking their own trails around me. None of us know exactly where the trails lead, but all we know is to walk them. And I’m trotting merrily along my way, waving at friends, sipping some coffee. And then suddenly the path runs out in front of me. I watch my friends continue on, some curving around corners and out of sight, some stopped ahead in the distance. And as I look down, not sure where to step to next, I’m left wondering where I…

{Be Real} Matches in the Ground

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Sweet girls, this post is written by my beautiful friend Erin Westermeyer! She is going to be taking over half of the “Be Real” section of the blog with me and I couldn’t be more honored than to share this space with her. Her heart is a treasure, and I know you will be blessed by her honest words today. ************************************************************************************************* I’m frustrated. My life feels busy and frantic, the kind of pace that leaves little time for simple things like cleaning and doing laundry and eating proper meals. It’s just a hurricane of appointments and obligations until finally, I…

{Be Real} Giving it All

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Beep. My alarm goes off and I roll in my bed. Maybe if I delay getting up I won’t have to think about all the tasks ahead of me. The emails to answer. The bills to pay. The contracts. Thousands of photographs to cull and edit. The lunch appointment. And that’s just work – there’s also friends and family, people who ask for our time and energy. Sometimes life can feel like a mess of things we have to keep up with, and like a hamster on a wheel, it can be exhausting. It can feel like we are doing…